Energy Conservation Kit Program from FirstEnergy’s Ohio Utilities

The Energy Conservation Kit program formerly offered by FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities has come to a close. For a list of the energy efficiency programs that are still available, please visit If you have already received a kit and have questions about the components, please call 1-844-517-9245.

Residential customers of The Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison and Toledo Edison are now eligible to receive an energy conservation kit. There is no fee to receive this kit. The kit includes several standard LED light bulbs in various wattages, one specialty 3-way LED light bulb, a furnace filter whistle and two LED night lights.** Click here to learn more about the cost of this kit.

To receive your kit, please complete the fields below. If you received an email or postcard, you can use the nine digit invitation code to enroll. If you do not have an invitation code, you will need to provide your 12 digit account number, which can be found on the upper right hand corner of your electric bill.

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Shipping Information

The kit may be shipped to your mailing address (where your bill is sent), service address (the location where you receive your electricity) or an alternate address. Please select where you would like the kit to be shipped. Note that the kit can only be shipped to addresses in the state of Ohio.

**One Energy Conservation Kit per residential account.

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Your participation in these programs reduces demand for electricity, which results in the creation of energy efficiency resource credits. Through your participation in these programs, you agree to allow your utility to take ownership of and sell these credits to reduce the costs charged to our customers to administer energy efficiency programs.

The costs of this program may be recovered through customer rates in accordance with Ohio law. For a complete list of commercial, industrial, residential and low income energy efficiency programs, please visit